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The vision for the epilepsy alarm and assistant of the future


Development is in full swing

In close collaboration with Twoday IT Minds, we are well underway in executing the first step of our three-stage rocket. We have focused our efforts on collecting data through our app for smartwatches, which is a critical basis for later developing and training our AI algorithm. This first step is the foundation for further work.

The next generation of epilepsy alarms

EpiCTRL takes a new approach to capturing epileptic seizures. By measuring several parameters at once, and utilizing the advantages of machine learning, we make it possible to detect epilepticattacks with far greater precision.

At the same time, we are creating the basis for investigating whether seizure alarms can be activated seconds before the seizure strikes. This will enable the person with epilepsy to prepare for the attacks before they happen.


The epilepsy assistant of the future

Life with epilepsy is difficult. That's why EpiCTRL is also developing an intelligent epilepsy assistant that keeps a logbook of the seizures, keeps track of medication intake and, in the event of a seizure, can even call for help. It helps to make everyday life more manageable for the families affected by epilepsy, and also provides an overview of the disease.

The three-stage rocket

We work from a clear three-stage rocket. We start with thorough data collection, then tailor our AI algorithm, and finish by developing an intelligent epilepsy assistant. Based on this, we are working towards developing the next generation of epilepsy alarms and the epilepsy assistant of the future.

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Collect data for AI training

Develop app to collect data from test subjects with smartwatches, which can be used for the development of the AI algorithm.


Develop AI algorithm

Develop an advanced AI algorithm from the collected test data to accurately identify epileptic seizures while


Develop the epilepsy assistant

Develop a user-friendly and intelligent epilepsy assistant based on the latest advances in AI.

Our history

Built on a personal struggle and a hope to make a difference.

Dive into EpiCTRL's history, motivation and vision of how technology can be used to change the lives of those affected by epilepsy.

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Follow along on our journey

Stay up to date with EpiCTRL's latest progress and news. Follow along on our exciting journey and join the dialogue about innovation in epilepsy care.


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