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Our history

Built on a personal struggle and a hope to make a difference.

Noah's little brother, Sylvester, is 11 years old. And then he was born with epilepsy.

That's why Noah knows all too well the challenges and pain everyday life with epilepsy creates. When will the next seizure occur? How wild and how violent will it be? And it is this personal experience with epilepsy that creates the basis for EpiCTRL.

Meet us

Mathias, Mikkel og Noah hjemme i Noahs kælder, vinteren 2023

A school project that ran wild

The student company, EpiCTRL, originated at HTX at Herningsholm Erhvervsgymnasium. At the start of a technology and innovation project, the conversation fell on the everyday life that Noah and his family lived in. Noah's family has tried different epilepsy alarms, but has discarded them all again - they are simply not good enough.


That is why we launched EpiCTRL with the mission to create the next generation of epilepsy alarms and the epilepsy assistant of the future.

Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 19-18-33 JA Europe on Instagram While in Istanbul our online awar

Triumphs in Entrepreneurship

EpiCTRL's innovative work soon received recognition in the form of several awards, including the prestigious Unicef Social Cohesion Award. These honors confirmed the importance of our mission and potential to create social change, and they became a catalyst for our further development work.

The Company Program has reached its end for us - but EpiCTRL continues.

Today, the development of the next generation of epilepsy alarms is in full swing. In collaboration with twoday IT Minds, an app is being developed for a smartwatch so that data can be collected from test subjects.


This data will later be the framework for the AI algorithm the product is built around.


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