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EpiCTRL at GEN-E 2023 in Istanbul

The Arrival and the First Day

Our adventure in Istanbul began with an exciting journey from Billund, through Frankfurt, and finally to Istanbul. Upon arrival at the WOW Conference Center, we were greeted by the Danish delegation, a group of inspiring individuals with a shared passion for entrepreneurship. The first evening was spent enjoying a delicious dinner and sharing our expectations for the coming days. It was a perfect mix of excitement and curiosity that enveloped us all.

Day Two: Welcome Day

The day before the official start of GEN-E 2023 was a time for relaxation and final preparations. It was fascinating to see how the shuttle buses brought young entrepreneurs from all over Europe to our common destination. We spent the day fine-tuning our booth, ready for the upcoming days' activities. In the afternoon, we participated in a FedEx Masterclass, which gave us new insights into logistics and innovation – key elements in our ongoing work with EpiCTRL.

Day Three: Competition Begins

The third day was filled with activities from morning to evening. After an energizing breakfast, we attended the opening ceremony, where we, along with the other online award winners, were honored. It was a proud moment to receive the UNICEF Social Cohesion Award on stage. The rest of the day was dedicated to stage presentations, with over 60 teams from all over Europe presenting their projects. It was a day full of inspiration and admiration for the countless innovative ideas. The evening ended with a canal tour in Istanbul, an unforgettable experience where we enjoyed dinner on board and then partied on the deck.

Day Four: Fair and Award Ceremony

On the day of the fair, we were ready at our own booth, where we proudly presented EpiCTRL to the many visitors. It also gave us the chance to experience the other teams' projects and ideas. Meeting so many talented people was both extremely inspiring and educational. In the evening, we attended the grand award ceremony, where we witnessed a spectacular celebration of entrepreneurship and innovation. It was a fantastic end to our time in Istanbul, and we felt more motivated than ever to continue our work with EpiCTRL.

The Return Journey

After four incredible days filled with learning, networking, and celebration, it was time to return home. As we sat in the shuttle bus to the airport, and later on the plane towards Billund, we reflected on the experiences and impressions we had gained. GEN-E 2023 was not just a competition; it was a life-changing experience that strengthened our resolve to work for a better future with EpiCTRL. We are deeply grateful for all the people we met, and for the knowledge we acquired, and now look forward to the next chapter in our journey


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