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EpiCTRL Wins Skive Qualifying Fair and Advances to National Championship!

We are thrilled to announce that EpiCTRL won 1st place at the Skive Qualifying Fair and has therefore also qualified for the National Entrepreneurship Championship in Denmark!

On Thursday, March 2nd, we participated in the Qualifying Fair at Skive College, where we competed against 37 other entrepreneurial teams from Jutland for a spot in the National Championship. A total of 8 teams were selected to move on to the final round. It has been a long and challenging journey, but it turned out to be all worth it. We are extremely proud to have won 1st place on the day, which truly shows that our hard work has paid off.

The National Entrepreneurship Championship is a prestigious competition for young entrepreneurs in Denmark, and qualifying for this competition is a major achievement for us as a company, but also as individuals. We are all excited to see how we will fare against the other talented and skilled teams that have also qualified for the final.

Our next big goal is, therefore, the National Entrepreneurship Championship at Industriens Hus in Copenhagen on April 26th. We are all looking forward to it as it will truly put our idea and team to the test. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us on our journey so far, including our mentors, teachers, friends, and family. Without their support, we would never have come this far.

We hope that this can also inspire other young entrepreneurs and show that it is possible to go far if you work hard and have a good idea. We look forward to continuing our journey in the future.


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