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EpiCTRL wins award at the Danish Entrepreneurship Champienship Final

Stor sal med storskærm bag en stor scene
The stage at Industriens Hus, Copenhagen, Denmark

We are ecstatic and deeply grateful to share our incredible experiences and victories at the Danish Entrepreneurship Championship. From the beginning of our journey in the Company Programme, where we were among the top 5% of 3,000 participants, to our final experience, we have been dedicated and passionate about our project to help families affected by epilepsy.

EpiCTRL's Triumph at the Danish Entrepreneurship Championship Final

Our participation and victory in the championship final was the culmination of our hard work. Here, we were challenged in various disciplines such as a written report, stage presentation, stand interview, and closed judge interview. These challenges strengthened our team and confirmed our innovative approach. The pride and joy of winning the "Digital & Service" Special Prize and achieving an overall 5th place in the Company Programme among Denmark's best entrepreneurial teams are indescribable. These victories are not only a recognition of our work but also a motivation to continue our journey.

Forward Focus

As we celebrate these remarkable achievements, we look forward to a bright future for EpiCTRL. We are firmly committed to continuing our efforts to develop innovative solutions for families affected by epilepsy. We owe a heartfelt thank you to all our supporters, partners, and followers. Your backing and belief in us have been crucial for our success.

Thank you to everyone who has followed and supported us on this incredible journey. We look forward to sharing our continued development and successes with you. Let's make a difference together!


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